Choose to become


You’re a seasoned business owner, looking for inspiration on how to give your cherished brand a better impression. You’ve probably already seen a couple of portfolios of other designers and agencies. So many different styles, so many personalities.

Feeling lost?

Picking the right style for the beloved brand shouldn’t be so hard, right?

Actually, it can be much more convenient than taking a guess and hoping it works out. After all, you already know what you want. What if we could translate what it feels like into how it looks like?

Put your trekking shoes on, and tie them tight. We’re going an extra mile to find that out.


My name is Micaela and I’m a graphic designer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In Nova Studio I care about reinventing your brand and giving it the spirit that reflects what it truly is today. Expressing your strengths, experience, and ambition. Polishing your company’s image to show the uniqueness your customers admire you for.

I work with clients
from all over the world

How to make brands

speak for themselves?

I help my clients with three types of challenges – revitalizing their websites, finding the right visual identity for their brand, and showcasing their ideas in print design.

In reality, each of the projects is a mixture of these three, in varying proportions. You might need all of them or you might need none, just take a closer look at how I helped other companies craft an image that stands out.