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Nova Studio is a graphic & web design company helping small business craft visual identity that expresses their core values. Whether it’s a logo, website or print

My name is Micaela and I’m a graphic designer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In Nova Studio I care about reinventing your brand and giving it the spirit that reflects what it truly is today. Expressing your strengths, experience, and ambition. Polishing your company’s image to show the uniqueness your customers admire you for.

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communication is key

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tell itself?

I believe the key to uncovering your uniqueness in listening carefully to you and your business’s voice. We start each project with a comprehensive discovery session, not to miss even the tiniest detail of the personality your customers love.

My clients love clear communication! So for their convenience, I formed a Promptness Guarantee and bound myself to reply to all client emails within 24h.

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Explore the stories on how we worked with my past clients on building the right identity for their brands.

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